Project Kudos: Russ McCabe, Sussex County Land Trust, Board Member

KUDOS to Russ McCabe! 🌱✌️
“Russ contribution and value to the Sussex County Land Trust🌿is unmatched. He is a proud Sussex Countian having spent his entire life here and is a great civic and community leader. Russ had a distinguished 30+ year career as the Director of DE State Archives and has more knowledge of Delaware history than anyone I know. His passion for history is contagious and he has an innate ability in connecting with people. Russ also had the pleasure of serving as Sussex County’s Recorder of the Deeds and has established countless relationships throughout his career. But most of all, everyone loves Russ for who he is as a person, his passion and knowledge for DE history and his infectious personality. The Trust could not be more fortunate to have Russ serve on its Board.” 🌿Casey Kenton- SCLD Secretary
And if this beautiful kudos still didn’t convince you of how much Russ loves Sussex County, we have more😀.
This is what Russ had to say about this beautiful region:
🌿My involvement with Ickford began 20 years ago, when I accompanied representatives of the University of Delaware’s Center for Historic Architecture and Design during an examination of the Cannon-Maston House. It was obvious to all at the time, that the building and its surrounding lands, which have changed little over the past three centuries, were worthy of preservation for future generations. With the pace of change affecting our landscape accelerating in recent years, the importance of this effort has grown as well. As a Sussex Countian with a lifelong interest in the past who was fortunate to have a career preserving our state’s history and telling its stories, this project is truly a labor of love. 💚🌿
Russ, we APPRECIATE you!