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Sussex County Land Trust

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Our Board

SCLT is a nonprofit conservation organization, dedicated to protecting natural, cultural, agricultural, and recreational resources through land preservation, stewardship and education for today and tomorrow.


Our Properties

The work of SCLT has focused on four principal areas:

Preserving Sussex County's rich agricultural heritage, Protecting important forest habitat, Preserving Sussex County history, and Protecting private land through conservation easements.

Our History

Be a part of the community that’s helping to save open space, care for nature, and connect people to the outdoors. Please consider helping preserve Sussex County's special places by becoming one of our Preservation Partners today.

Our Properties

Since 2001, the Sussex County Land Trust has purchased, protected and managed open space parcels throughout Sussex County.  Properties rights are typically held in fee simple, leasehold or through a conservation easement.  Each property is evaluated prior to acquisition using an established site acquisition criteria based on its merits for consideration.  Many of our properties are acquired in partnership with other agencies or government entities and these partnerships are a key component to leveraging funds and advancing our mission.  Below is a list of properties within the SCLT portfolio based on the date of acquisition:

  1. Oyster Rocks - Ownership (In Fee) - Acquired 2003
  2. The Peninsula - Ownership (Conservation Easement) - Acquired 2003
  3. Bayside - Ownership (Conservation Easement) - Acquired 2003
  4. Wolfe House - Ownership (Curatorship) - Acquired in 2004
  5. Ickford Park - Ownership (In Fee) - Acquired 2008
  6. Delaware Botanic Gardens Lands - Ownership (In Fee) - Acquired 2008
  7. Stephen P. Hudson Park - Ownership (In Fee) - Acquired 2018
  8. Nanticoke Crossing Park - Ownership (In Fee) - Acquired 2021
  9. Hopkins Preserve - Ownership (Conservation Easement) - Acquired 2022
  10. Gills Neck Road Trail - Ownership (In Fee) - Acquired 2022
  11. Forest of the Broadkill - Ownership (Leasehold/Fee Simple) - Acquired 2023
  12. Ard Na Gréine - Under Contract

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