Ickford Park

Constructed in 1727, the Cannon-Maston House is one of the oldest extant brick homes in Sussex County situated on 59 acres of woods and wetlands known as Ickford Park. When the Cannon-Maston House was built, this area of Sussex County was still a part of Maryland. It did not become a part of Delaware until the American Revolution. In many of its details, the house’s construction is much more typical of Maryland styles than Delaware styles, serving as a reminder of the contentious early history of this part of the state.  The home and the surrounding 59 acres were acquired by the Sussex County Land Trust in partnership with Sussex County Council in 2008 and the Trust is now moving forward with the restoration of the historic home with long term plans to make the property a historical and cultural center for interpreting our region’s rich agricultural heritage, and as a host site for community events. Ickford Park is a 15-20 minute drive from Nanticoke Crossing and both are a part of the Nanticoke Heritage Byway.

Concept Renderings

View 1 March 17 lantern (1)
View 3 white shutters March 17 (1)
View 4 white shutters March 17 (1)