Project Kudos: Nanticoke Crossing Park

🌱🌳Sussex County is unique and attractive to new residents due to its rural landscapes, natural features, low tax structure and large expanses of open space. Without preservation, the benefits and attraction to Sussex County could be outweighed by the loss of rural landscapes, lack of open space and traffic congestion. The Sussex County Land Trust strives to establish strategic partnerships with the development community to leverage the protection of meaningful open spaces.
🌳Located on the south side of the Nanticoke River, the Nanticoke Crossing Park is a 41 acre property that was acquired by the Sussex County Land Trust in partnership with the Chesapeake Conservancy, Sussex County Council, Mt. Cuba Center, the U.S. Navy, DE Open Space Program and DE Div. of Fish and Wildlife. The property is situated on the bank of the Nanticoke River overlooking the historic Woodland Ferry terminal with 1,900’ of meandering shoreline. The acquisition serves as a successful landmark collaboration by inter-governmental and non-profit organizations to preserve land in Western Sussex County for conservation and recreational use. The Trust is now spearheading a masterplan concept for the future of the property and hopes to begin hosting events on this beautiful property as early as this year. 🌳
What a WONDERFUL county we have!🌱