Project Kudos: Heidi Gilmore, Sussex County Land Trust, Chairwoman

Heidi Gilmore, Sussex County Land Trust Chairwoman, is an absolute advocate of protecting natural, cultural, agricultural and recreational resources through land preservation in Sussex County. Here’s what Casey Kenton, SCLT Secretary, had to say about his dear colleague and friend:

“Heidi is an incredible civic leader for both the Trust and for Sussex County. She is extremely passionate about the Trust’s mission and the Board could not have selected a better individual to serve as the Chair of our organization.
Furthermore, Heidi is well respected in her profession as a real estate land use attorney and is well liked by her peers, simply because she demonstrates confidence, honesty and integrity. 🌿But most importantly, Heidi loves Sussex County and truly wants to make a difference in advancing the mission of the Trust and making Sussex County a better place to live for everyone and future generations to come.”
“I think everyone reaches a point in their life when they want to give back to the community. You have a little time and interest in something and you put your action into participation in a way that you make a difference. No matter how little or how big, you start.” said Heidi.