Project Kudos: Casey Kenton, Sussex County Land Trust, Secretary

Casey Kenton, the Sussex County Land Trust Secretary, is definitely one of those great people who is dedicating a lot of his time, resources and hard work to promote the Sussex County Region. And he does it with so much passion that even if you are new to the area, you will want to explore it and definitely spend some time around💯. KUDOS, Casey, you rock!💚
This is what Heidi Gilmore, the SCLT Chairman, had to say about her friend and colleague:
“Casey, who was born and raised in Sussex County, was a natural person to lead the Land Trust over the past 6 years. Casey is the type of person that has deep roots in our County and his many interests in our local area reveal a multitude of hidden treasures our area has to offer. If Casey is flying over our area exploring through his love of being a pilot, he is always sharing a photo from high above. If Casey is driving across the State for work, he will stop and share something historic he found along his way. His love for banjo playing links us to a world gone by. I have such respect for the many layers of this fine, young man who leads the way in his profession and as a friend to many. His leadership of the Land Trust enabled the Trust to grow and connect with so many people. I hope the Trust can continue to reveal its many possible, varied connections for preservation to our County that were bloomed under his tenure.”
.🌳 ✌️💚