John Rieley

Councilman John L. Rieley


John L. Rieley serves as the 5th district councilman on the Sussex County Council, representing central Sussex County, including the communities of Georgetown and Millsboro. Elected to County Council in 2018, Mr. Rieley is a familiar face within the local business community and among several nonprofit causes, particularly those focused on children. A native of upstate New York, Mr. Rieley earned his degree in business and economics from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Upon graduating with honors, he eventually found his way to rural southern Delaware, where he built rewarding careers in both food service management and financial planning. More importantly, though, he laid the foundation for a lifetime of faith and family, raising 12 children with his wife, Lou Ann, on her family’s farm near Millsboro. Mr. Rieley has served the community in various capacities, including as president of the local chamber of commerce and as a 10-year volunteer for Little League. Among his goals are maintaining the County’s strong fiscal management, protecting the environment, and expanding economic development opportunities through efforts such as broadband expansion.